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Why are Beats by Dre headphones so popular?

Nowadays more and more people begin to ask - What brand of headphones has Lady GAGA wore on her ears? The fashionable headphones whirlwind, however, is much stronger than you could imagine. Many stars and stylish people all swagger through the streets in their Beats by dre headphones. Even Monster Company himself has not expected that their products would have become so popular that Kobe Bryant was fined after post-game press conference for wearing his Monster Beats by dre studio headphones which he bought himself.
Why are Beats by Dre headphones so popular?

Since the first released, Beats by dre headphones has been linked to Fashion. Its sound quality is excellent; however, Monster sets an idea and concept to its products that: First it is Fashionable; then it is a pair of Headphones. Usually, people would buy something they do not need just for not being OUT. People use headphones widely in daily life; however, seldom someone will buy headphones just for not being OUT. All Monster wanted was to produce a "Fashionable Product" based on the idea of Fashion.

At first, Monster found a Grammy Awards winner Dr. Dre, discussing how to produce a fashionable headphone product. They finally set their aims in the Hip Hop category. As Hip Hop & Rap is an important branch of nonlocal American fashionable culture, there are many rapper products and Hip Hop & Rap culture consumer goods in America. This is a market full of strong public appeal and easily attracting the youngs to join and get fascinated.Like cars having luxury brands, based on high starting point Monster released its first headphones - Studio, and kept its marketing strategy of Fashion. In view of Dr. Dre's popularity in America, Dre beats studio headphones soon received much attention. And because of its excellent quality and built-in amplifier headphone design, Monster Beats Studio can easily drive iPod - the most popular MP3 player in America. Monster Beats received a lot of praise, and, more and more famous people began to choose Beats Studio as their company. It is not because that Beats Studio is better than that of other brand in the quality aspect, but Studio has been labeled itself Fashion since its beginning. For these famous people, they need to keep themselves fashionable at all times and they need a pair of good quality headphones too; thus, Beats Studio headphones become their choice.
As a fashionable product, it must have a fashionable and unique appearance. As the first product of Monster headset, head-wearing type headphones come to the world. Before the very beats by dre headphones, headphones could be roughly divided into two types: one is high-end professional-grade headphones which are mostly used by people make a career in music, like brand AKG's high-end monitoring headphones; the other type is best quality high-end headphones, what fanciers pursue, such as Sennheiser HD800. Beyond all doubt, these product have a common feature --- splendid acoustic but inconvenient to carry. Other than high-end headphones, there are normal portable headphones which are quite small, and some of which are beautifully designed good looking product, however, still have some gaps in acoustic comparing with those high-end ones.It is scarcely imaginable that someone fashionable wears a pair of big headphones without any fashion elements and wanders through the streets. However, Beats Studio comes at the right moment. First of all, Beats Studio has the moderate appearance, and taking American people' body size into account, dre beats studio has the moderate size. In the respect of wearing, though the built-in amplifier headphone designed Studio is a little heavier than normal headphones, you will not feel tight. As a kind of high quality headphone, Beats by dre studio is very comfortable to wear --- On-Ear memory foam and comfortable feeling leather. The unit shell has been done with high-light-reflecting processing. Though this process is challenge - easily to get fingerprint, Beats by dre sudio's light-reflecting is very skillfully as it is not reflecting light like a mirror and we will not easily notice that the shell gets fingerprint actually.

Secondly, Monster has designed a simple and easy-remember Logo for its own brand headphones. Complying with those mainstream fashionable consumer goods such as McDonald's and Nike, they all have their won outstanding Logo as their company logo. These easy-remember logo make people tell these branded merchandise from others on the street or among similar products easily. In contrast, some other main world headphone brands, for example, Sennheiser and Audio-Technica, lack such a sharp logo.Last but not least, in the respect of wire design which Monster does best, their designers also stopped the unique branded design, for example, the above optional high-rank "Monster Wire", it has the same red coat just as the Studio. Going with such an outstanding wire, how couldn't the Studio catch passers-by's attention?
Monster has been founded for decades; however, it takes only about two years to successfully run the headphones business. And at the end of 2008, Monster has become the No.1 selling brand on the American native land. Many stars use Monster product and there comes the strong wind of Monster.
It doesn't matter that you do not know Sennheiser or Audio-Technica. But if you do not know Monster today, then you are OUT! When Kobe bryant was fined US$10,000 because of his wearing Beats Studio on the press conference, when stars such as LeBron James and Lady Gaga wore Monster Beats headphones in public places, as a young person today, you cannot disregard for Monster, just like that it is impossible that you do NOT know Nike.
We have gone too far from the subject. We had better come back to the Bests Studio headphones. Just as you know, Studio is the first product that Monster team and Dr. Dre developed together. Today, on most Monster headphones there's the logo of Dr. Dre's head, and we should say that Dr. Dre is the REAL spokesman of Monster headphones. Dr. Dre himself is also a famous rapper and he had ever won the Grammy Adwards. We have no doubt that when designing this Beats by dre studio, Dr. Dre offered his great ideas to make it more perfect. We all know that the popular music culture in America is relative bold, quite different from that in China, even in Asia. Rap, Rock and Metal are the three most popular elements in America, of which the tone requirements on headphones are similar. Thus, we usually classify some American brand headphone tone to "American Sound" and Studio is also a kind of headphones full of Native American features.
Beats by dre studio is the flagship product of Monster, which shows the word "High-end" well, no matter from its materials or design. Though the headphones are dealt with high-light-reflecting processing which will easily get fingerprint, its Mirror-like appearance is so shinning that people cannot resist it. Moreover, the Monster headphone logo "b" on the headphone unit shell is very outstanding. This kind of simple symbol will easily impress anyone. In this aspect Audio-Technica does the same, however, you cannot deny that comparing with Studio, the product package of Audio-Technica is not that good.

Though Beats by dre studio is big in size, it will not prevent people from wearing it on the streets. As you can see in the previous pictures of accessories, Monster provides Studio with a elliptic case which is convenient for people to carry everywhere. On the Studo body there are also folding and flexible joints. These joints are not fixed by screws but very compact. Just as what we say, we do not have to worry about the quality and workmanship of Studio.
Why are Beats by Dre headphones so popular?

Beats by dre studio headphones use breathable memory foam on the earcups. In hot summer, however, people will of course feel oppressed by the heat and sweat. We advise that people wear Studio out when it is a little cool. Finally, let's talk about the advantage of Studio. No matter how outstanding the Studio appearance is and how excellent its workmanship and materials are, there's still the advantage - the weight of Studio. As a user, maybe on normal conditions you will not feel any pressure while wearing the Studio as there's the soft memory foam. However, when you want to lift up your head you will find the Studio cannot well fix on your ears because it is too heavy and not tight. So when wearing the Studio on the street, you'd better keep your head steady.
Except as a high-end headset, Beats by dre studio has some other intimate functions. Maybe it is that these added functions raise the weight. On the right shell there's a button on the logo "b" which can switch it to silent mode. On some past functional noise reduction headphones there's also this function. Now, with this function, does it mean that Studio is also a noise reduction headphone?
In fact that was not the case, or you only say half of it. Studio is a headset which can hold batteries. Take off the unit shell on left earcup, there's the battery case. It should pay attention that only with batteries the Studio can work. Studio is not like other functional noise reduction headphones which can work without electricity and this gives users some inconvenience. Studio headphones use two 7# (AAA) batteries which you can buy in the supermarkets and convenience stores. However, we suggest you buy the rechargeable batteries if you use Studio a lot. According to Monster workers' opinions, two full 7# (AAA) batteries can continuously support Studio for about 20 hours. If people listen with Studio for 2 hours, then Studio can support for 10 days and needs charged for 3 time a month. Also there's a power switch on the side of silent button. When you turn off you will hear the tiny electric current sound which is made by Open-circuit, harmless to headphones itself and the sound will disappear later.

As we have mentioned above, Beats by dre studio is pure "American Sound". It has thick low frequency power to play the American's favorite music which requires low frequency and transiently showing on details. Comparing with Tour, Studio is more "balance". Voice is not so sharp as that of Tour, but integrates into the whole music, making the whole music more harmonious not overstressing on some parts. Otherwise, Comparing with the Tour headphones we have met, Studio voice is a little more "well behaved" as it cuts the limit sounds partially on both extreme and the whole music becomes not that wild but outstanding balancing voice.
Low frequency is still Studio's focus - performing pretty good in low frequency. Not like Tour, Beats by dre studio low frequency is thicker and simpler, no exaggerating descending but just meeting the needs of music like Hip-Hop. High frequency is one of the aspects that we have criticized on Tour - it is too sharp and not pleasant at all. While Beats by dre studio pays more attention to balance and low frequency - a little "overcompensation" on the high frequency, balanced and a little lacking of details. Therefore, as a whole Studio voice is centered in medium frequency and low frequency which is not very suitable for who like bright soprano voice.
Why are Beats by Dre headphones so popular?

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